Warmer weather is the perfect time for spending time outdoors and getting some sun. Few things are more enjoyable than relaxing with good friends at home on summer days or nights. The longer summer days provide an excellent opportunity to take care of chores around the house you have postponed for months. Here is a summer home maintenance checklist to make this season productive and fun.

Take Care of the Yard

If you were too busy with indoor spring cleaning to take care of your lawn and garden, do so in the summer. Beautify the yard to make your property more appealing. Begin by removing weeds, dead plants, sticks, and fallen leaves from the lawn. Add mulch to flower beds to prevent weeds from growing and help the plants retain moisture.

Summer Home Maintenance: Power Wash

The summer presents an opportunity to spend more time outdoors. However, the high humidity and heat can cause mildew and mold to grow faster on the exterior of your home. Clean the siding using a power washer. The pressure will help eliminate mold, dirt, and mildew from the surfaces on your property. 

Schedule an HVAC Technician to Clean the System

To keep your family comfortable throughout the summer, clean the HVAC system. When the high temperatures set in, you will appreciate a functional and efficient air conditioning unit.

During the hotter months, the AC unit will operate on longer cycles. To keep it functioning effectively, replace the air filter as recommended. The filter traps dust, pollen, and other allergies to improve air quality throughout the home.

Repel Mosquitoes

It’s warm enough to spend time outdoors at night; however, it’s unpleasant if you have to deal with a swarm of mosquitoes. Take steps to repel them and keep you, your family, and your guests safe. Drain stagnant water around your home that serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Grow plants like rosemary and marigolds. Their fragrance naturally repels mosquitoes and reduces the need for insecticides. Buy mosquito repellents and apply them on your skin before going out and cover your skin with clothing to avoid exposure to the annoying insects. 

Clean and Prepare the Grill

During the summer, you will likely hold parties and cookouts. Prepare your backyard for BBQs. Get the grill out, clean it and test it. Check the propane hose for cracks and leaks before firing up the grill.

Inspect Hoses for Summer Home Maintenance

Inspect hoses around your home to verify they are working correctly. Check the appliance hoses on the dishwasher, dehumidifier, refrigerator, washer, and ice maker. Look for signs of cracks, tears, or leaks. While you should replace the hose after several years as the manufacturer recommends, regularly inspect them to identify leaks and other issues.

As you enjoy your summer, do not neglect your home. Follow these home maintenance tips to keep your home attractive and comfortable during these hot months.

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