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Tony Long—Certified Home Inspector

Tony Long is the owner and inspector of Prime Home Inspection Services LLC. Even if the house itself has a modest footprint, a home is an investment of enormous proportions. Tony understands how much this prospective purchase means to your family, and he’s determined to put forth his best work to help make the process easier and ultimately more successful.

This is one of life’s landmark moments, and you can depend on Tony to be there for you as much as he can in his capacity as a home inspector so that you don’t have to face this challenge all on your own.

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Experience in the Field Sets This Home Inspector Apart

For more than 25 years, Tony poured himself into his work in the construction industry. Tony did a little of everything, from drywall installation to roofing, and even inside remodeling. Fixing homes is far and away the best way to discover how and where they’re often broken, and the skills Tony developed for identifying and resolving issues in the home became the foundation for the approach he takes to his work as a home inspector.

You can expect Tony to show up on time, to not take shortcuts during the inspection, and to have the report back to you fast so that you can start making final preparations for buying the home of your dreams.

Home Inspector Tony Long's Calendar

Weekend and evening appointments are available to help you get you home inspection finalized on time, and on a day that doesn’t conflict with anything else that is pressing in your own busy schedule

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It’s always disappointing when a question comes to mind when you’re no longer able to ask it—but that will never happen here, because we’re always available to answer you questions over the phone even long after a home inspection has concluded

Icon of a person joining our home inspectors during an inspection

If you are someone who learns more effectively when you put your own eyes on the topic of discussion, then we encourage you to join us during the home inspection so that you can walk along with us as we go over our findings

When he’s not inspecting homes, Tony enjoys spending time with his family, doing remodeling work on the side, and meeting new friends in the area. 

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At Prime Home Inspection Services LLC, our wide and varied selection of home inspection services, has been carefully structured to meet a greater range of needs for our clients in the Atlanta area.

We offer a 10% discount on all inspection fees for active military and veterans.

Online payments are accepted. We are able to schedule weekend and evening appointments in addition to weekday hours.

We enroll in Errors & Omissions/General Liability insurance.